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Money Mates Workshops 
FREE (community groups, not-for-profit groups)


MoneyMates support groups are based around the concept of sharing and learning together as a group.

Facilitators encourage group members to learn from others and gain control over their financial lives and build resilience.


MoneyMates is aimed at people who are repeatedly experiencing financial hardship, or who may be more likely to encounter financial difficulty, or who simply want to learn financial management and budgeting skills.


Together, over several weeks you can:

  • Learn more about getting control of debt, budgeting and cash flow management, financial products, safer lending and growing their resources

  • Learn from other people who are in similar situations, share their own insights and knowledge and build support networks with people going through the same experiences

  • Access other information and support such as online forums, helplines and the Sorted website

  • Build up their networks with whānau and their community.

Budgeting  Workshops - FREE (community groups, not-for-profit groups)


Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust provides a number of budgeting education workshops for the community and organisations.

Budgeting Education workshops are normally FREE to the community groups and not for profit organisations.


Budgeting  Workshops - Businesses and other organisations

For businesses and other organisations we charge  a fee for our workshops and presentations.

For more information  on any of our workshops or charges please use the contact form below.



Our Upcoming Workshops:

Money Mates
  • ​16th October 2020 we will be starting a new round of MoneyMates Workshops at our office at 87 Clarence Street, Hamilton or by Zoom video conferencing.
  • We will also be running a series of Webinars throughout the year. You can find out more about these on our Events page. 

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